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"Have you come searching for the End? Many before you have sought it out, but few actually find that place; the border between dreams and waking. But should you still desire to find it, collect the three Gemstone Keys. Only they can open the gateway to the end."

This here is my final project for Game Design II! It includes the following:

  1. Physically-based rendering
  2. Animation
  3. AI Navigation
  4. Holding Objects
  5. Scripting User Interfaces
  6. Saving Player Progress
  7. Procedural Generation

Controls are WASD, 1 to use potions, click to shoot, and Q to drop items!

"Is the End all that you desired? Even so, dreams are not meant to last. It’s now time for you to awake, because reality...

Is the only thing that is real."

*Most of my assets for the environment and models come from the Unity Asset Store, not me! Also thank you to Kevin Macleod for the music!*

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